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Meet with Focus.

meetingRoom is an Enterprise Augmented & Virtual Reality Communications Platform. Get Close & Run Engaging Meetings with Improved Focus.


Make Time Count

meetingRoom lets teams do impactful work, in a shared workspacethat combines tools the organisation already uses to execture effectively.

Improve Productivity

Business spends on producing results: Reduce the cost and time by putting your best minds to work, face to face. Make decisions faster.

Gain Focus

Highly engaged employees report 22% higher productivity and turnover in enterprises reduces from 25% to 65%. Keep teams focused on the now.

Who uses meetingRoom?


Close faster, engage leads effectively while reducing acquisition costs and review shared salesforce knowledge using meetingRoom.

Project Management

Interact with your team, view project flow, and wireframe problems in real time, to provide flexible, roadmaps and complete projects fast.

What our Customers Think

“MeetingRoom are well ahead of the game in terms of enterprise VR. They are developing a VR space for enterprise that other people are not even thinking about.  User testing has proven meetingRoom to be a compelling solution.

VR meetings are set to replace video conferencing.  Not only will they be easier to use but they will be more useful.  People will end up demanding VR meetings.

I’ve looked at many VR solutions.   It is good to find a company who are building something with the with the infrastructure and security requirements of enterprise in mind.

It is exciting to see a new category of business tool at its inception.  It will be even more interesting to see which enterprises have the vision to adopt.  It could be a huge competitive advantage, infact a game changer,  if adopted correctly.”

Mike Harlick

Senior Solution & Innovation Manager

We’re on a mission to make your collaboration simpler, more pleasant and productive.

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