The Reality of Business Travel in 2019

http://app.meetingRoom.ioThe Reality of Business Travel in 2019

Remember being a kid and going to the airport. The thrill of taking off, the fight for the window seat, rushing to collect bags that wouldn’t show up for what seemed an age. The memories counted on the flight home.

Fast forward to today when you’re hearing of a trip it’s more than likely for work than pleasure. Now, it’s the hassle of organising an itinerary that validates not being in real work for a few days.

For most executives, it’s a similar story – business travel can, at times, be met with a groan. Meeting a client is great! Meeting another team for a 30 minute meeting after a 13 hour flight? Not so much.

Today, there are many assumptions associated with business travel; it’s a mega industry with huge economic impact. It’s how decisions get made. It’s a perk of the job. Let’s take a look at some of these theories below!


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In the current competitive market for talent, , there are a few oft-touted assumptions when it comes to business travel.

The Assumptions


It’s a great way to meet new people

Explore new cities and make lifelong memories

It’s glamourous

The sightseeing

Travel in business class

You have so much free time in between your work

Eating out is awesome

Hotel rooms without the kids and on your own – the peace!

Business travel is going away thanks to video conferencing

That’s the dream, the promise and the prestige of business travel… right?

The Reality

Coming off a flight flight sick from the air-con or just tired doesn’t build relationships

Getting lost on the way to an office block are the kind of memories we’re happy to forget

Being driven in a taxi is not sightseeing and sucking the gut in to fit on the underground ratrace is definitely an experience, just maybe not when you picture remote working business travel

Airplane food is not glamorous, for me, it’s an unintended fasting session

Airbnb pullout beds are not Instagram-standard glamour

Ryanair Priority is the real business class

Filling out expense reports can be an easy way to rack up unplanned costs and are painful to fill out if you’re not using a great digital solution

The most exciting thing about my last hotel room in Berlin was that it had an ironing board…

Video is great until it inevitably freezes – “it couldn’t be my connection, it must be yours – have you tried turning it off and on again?”



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We don’t agree with over a trillion hours a day being spent on the morning commute, $1.33 trillion being spent on business travel as of 2017, billions in long-term damage to our environment with insane carbon emissions from wasted travel and rising rapidly and people losing countless hours of productivity.

In the past, yes, business travel was a great way to see and do the things you wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance but with the abundance of consumer travel, a $10 trillion industry today, we think it’s safe to say people are getting to see more of the world than ever before so let’s focus on optimising travel to be a much richer and valuable experience.

A Vision for the Future

Our vision for the future of work is changing behaviour. The “prestige” job is going to change: from business travel and the perceived image of success, shifting to remote work and a culture focused on results.

The movement has already begun. Companies like meetingRoom exist because we don’t believe the way we do business today is sustainable and we can provide a solution companies who know remote teams work, but want a better experience to succeed. We don’t believe we will eliminate business travel, we are going to make it something people look forward to again and that doesn’t kill the planet.

If you’re interested in working collaboratively to reduce internal flights, you’re looking to improve your remote teams’ communication with a positive effect on the planet or if you’re looking for the best sound to make you and your team feel like they’re in the same room from anywhere, get in touch or sign up for a free digital HQ today on meetingRoom, the remote work platform.

Remote Work 2018

This week, Northern Europe has been on high alert because of a mysterious #BeastfromtheEast — a storm of such magnitude that it has led to food shortages and general shut down across my home nation. Many businesses owners went to sleep on watch for red alerts to see if employees could go to work that day.

One of our remote office views Wednesday afternoon

This Wednesday morning, after grabbing some essentials at the shops, I got back to my desk by about 10 (yes I did throw a few snowballs — come on!) and got back to work. My newsfeed was full of how this is only the beginning of the cold snap and most businesses we have engaged with this morning are preparing to get back to work as normal by Monday. With the work we do at and our belief in remote work, we admit, we are biased to think this is just a crazy approach to work in 2018.

Our team lives and breaths the problems that doing remote work itself is addressing and the outcomes that sprout from it. The good news is that there is another way. A remote way. A realistic way for workers to do impactful work across the world.

The Benefits of Remote Work

Time: You can get everyone together quickly — react when the problem hits rather than when the next time everyone is in a room together — we didn’t miss a beat today because we were able to make our daily sync call.

Growth: All organisations are trying to grow, but when expansion hits, can you find people in your location?

Culture: People complain about poor remote work cultures — we think that the benefits mean that it can be better than being in office. There’s some great insight in Harvard Business Review this month on collaborating remotelywhich we recommend checking out.

Robustness: We didn’t have to reschedule any of our internal calls so far this week, and we were able to get real meaningful work done between a group of 9 people from all over Ireland, from daily standups to 1 on 1 check ins, as well as customer calls. We were able to do it comfortably and warm while the country lost it over bread. Millions of people get to work like this everyday, with a balance that suits them.

The State of Remote Work Released this week points to the top reasons why workers enjoy working remotely.

The Turning Point for Remote Working: Digital Enablement

If it’s not evident yet, I hold a personal bias on the subject at hand: remote work is a no brainer and exposing your business to the risk of Irish weather (or wherever you might be) is no way to work in 2018.

But not everything about remote working is perfect. Conference calls are often a huge barrier to productivity, so we at meetingRoom are building a tool to change that. We care and that’s what drags us out of bed every morning to make this possible. Ireland is on course as a world leader in terms of sustainability. We need to ensure we don’t just engage on making it a hub for business and the place to work, but the place to live and work.

A peak into our sync call this afternoon taken from a Pixel 2

If you’d like to try out the future of work we’re building at meetingRoom, you can request access to the closed beta by clicking the button below, we’d love to have you on board. Email