Our Approach to Security & Privacy

Welcome to our Security & Privacy Hub, we will try to keep it simple so you can understand what is going on with your rooms.

What happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms

Privacy matters to us. We're not interested in what you're saying, we're here to help you get important work done -  work in a secure space that you can return to.

MeetingRoom Security & Availability

MeetingRoom Software Limited (MeetingRoom) has as its most important concern the protection and reliability of customer data. To this end, MeetingRoom is moving towards SOC 2 compliance.

Data And Security

Our goal is to allow MeetingRoom to maintain effective controls over the Data Services provided to our customers through suitably designed and effective operating procedures to provide reasonable assurance that the service; is protected against unauthorized access, use, or modification to meet MeetingRoom’s commitments and system requirements; is available for operation and use to meet MeetingRoom’s commitments and system requirements


System components supporting MeetingRoom’s enterprise customers. MeetingRoom is hosted at Amazon Web Services and utilises a number of their capabilities to deliver the service. These include but are not limited to - Compute, storage, database, networking & content delivery, media services, security, identity & compliance, containers.

Tools and Services Supporting Customers

MeetingRoom provides a number of tools and services for customers. Some of these tools include - MeetingRoom dashboard, a web-based application where MeetingRoom customers may log in to access information regarding their MeetingRoom services as well as manage their environment.; Encrypted storage, encrypted storage in support of customers in virtualized environments; Support patching, operating systems patching and update servers for ensuring an optimal operating environment.
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