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Our Approach to Privacy

Welcome to our Privacy Hub, we try to keep it simple so you can understand what is going on with your rooms.

What happens in your rooms, stays in your rooms

TLDR: Privacy matters to us. We’re not interested in what you’re saying, we’re here to help you get important work done –  complete complicated work in a secure space you can return to. We’re in early access so please bare with us  – so if you see any bugs or things that need a change please let us know right away.


Which countries is the data is hosted?

Currently all of the data is being hosted in Amsterdam. This applies to both personal user dataand VOIP/App data. Voice data is a continuous stream of data which is not stored statically. User data such as email etc. is stored and encrypted.

What ports do I need open for everything to work?

Port Number Protocol Purpose 843 TCP Flash / Unity Policy 4530 TCP Client to Master Server (TCP) 4531 TCP Client to Game Server (TCP) 4532 TCP Client to Frontend (TCP) 4533 TCP Client to Nameserver (TCP) 5055 UDP Client to Master Server (UDP) 5056 UDP Client to Game Server (UDP) 5057 UDP Client to Frontend (UDP) 5058 UDP Client to Nameserver (UDP) 6060 TCP Client to Master Server (rHTTP) 6061 TCP Client to Game Server (rHTTP) 6062 TCP Client to Frontend (rHTTP) 6063 TCP Client to Nameserver (rHTTP) 9090 TCP Client to Master Server (WebSockets) 9091 TCP Client to Game Server (WebSockets) 9092 TCP Client to Frontend (WebSockets) 9093 TCP Client to Nameserver (WebSockets) To ensure you get access on your network: 19090 TCP Client to Master Server (Secure WebSockets) 19091 TCP Client to Game Server (Secure WebSockets) 19092 TCP Client to Frontend (Secure WebSockets) 19093 TCP Client to Nameserver (Secure WebSockets)

Are communications to and from the server encrypted?

All connections between users are on a client-2-server-architecture. This communication is encrypted. Members accounts are password protected using bcrypt - 128-bit salt and encrypts a 192-bitvalue. This is one of the most secure forms of encryption. A user cannot join a room they are not added to of but right now removing a user from a room is not possible - treat everyone like vampires, once you're invited in, you're in! This will change in the future and 2FA will be added in the near future as an extra layer of security. We work with incredible security partners

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