It’s been a busy summer full of remote work and productivity getting the platform tidied up!

The team is growing, we’re finally able to release the app to customers in a hassle free way via the app stores and we’re getting feedback — good, bad and ugly. This will probably be the last release before we open to the wider public — exciting times! We’ve just released version 1.0.4, which we’ll jump right into.

Product Update

It’s fairly beefy so we’ll list it below. We’ve really focused on ensuring that everything runs nice and smoothly. We feel it’s important to be transparent

Here is a current list of features which are completed and working

The App

We’ve really been working on keeping the app really tight and doing one thing really well: see and hear your team. While you’re in the app right now you can get around a table, work on a whiteboard together at the same time and present your PDF’s.

  • Upload PDF Files
  • Table
  • Presentation Wall
  • Whiteboard

The Dashboard

This is where the magic happens: it’s where you create rooms and invite your team to use meetingRoom. For the early access period, we’ll kept it pretty simple — we give you 1 admin, 3 rooms, with 30 users and unlimited access 24/7 to your rooms.

In the future there will be further role-based accessed, we’re just shipping the simple stuff first. .

  • 12 users per room
  • 3 x Rooms
  • Unlimited Meetings

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Cross-Platform Deployment

We’re proud to say we are now a fully unified collaboration tool to work the same way and deploy from all major platforms ie all the features work the same way on all platforms ie it works the same way on your iPhone as it does on your Surface Pro to your HTC Vive and Oculus Go.

It’s something we heard time and time again from users so we decided to double down and ensure we push to support all major platforms . All downloads can be found HERE while we get uploading to app stores.

  • iOS — currently available on the iOS App Store
  • Android — currently available on the Play Store
  • Windows Desktop — currently direct download — available on the Windows Store September 2018
  • MacOS — available on the Mac App Store
  • HTC Vive — available via direct download — coming to Viveport September 2018
  • Oculus Rift — available via direct download — coming to Viveport September 2018
  • Windows Mixed Reality — available via direct download — coming to Windows Store September 2018
  • Oculus Go — Currently working locally and releasing it in September to the Oculus Store
  • Vive Focus — Currently working locally and releasing on Viveport in September

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The Team

We’ve had a busy summer but when down with one of our partners in Cork (definitely one of our favourite #remotework cities) we were able to get a snap together for once! We’re a fully remote team so when we get together we need to capture proof that a) it happened and b) capture the time together and make the best use of it. We find that when we do get together, it’s a lot easier to sync into work because we see each other every day and engage like we’re in the real world digitally via meetingRoom. A quick but necessary note — thanks to the whole team — it’s been a long road but we’re nearly able to hit the button on go and let the product out in the wild.

Summer Travels

Pirate Summit

We spent some time remote working with clients in Germany this summer. We have to say it’s great to be in Ireland but Germany is a fantastic place to live and work.

Aside from work we also got to visit an amazing event, Pirate Summit. We were invited over to take part in the XR Village by the City of Cologne and we have to say we were blown away. We had a bit of a rocky ride to get there (heatwaves + hotels+ elevators + top floors = surprisingly bad situation but that’s another blogpost) but once it got going we got to see an amazing group of people and meet some of the best minds in Europe. Think Burning Man in the heart of Germany and thoughtful discussion, a great mix of people and no bullsh*t. Definitely one we recommend to heard in 2019

Our thanks to Stephen, Mieke, Lisa, Till and the whole team for throwing one of the best events we’ve ever been to and putting up with us!

3D Camp Dublin

Ireland’s premier immersive community event — we were happy to be there and show off our stuff on the Vive Focus. It was great to see people’s reactions to standalone VR! Thanks to James, Nikki & the whole team.

Time to Start a better way to meet

Join us on the next leg of the quest for better remote meetings. If you’re a remote team and you want a more effective way to meet — we’re probably a good fit and we look forward to having a virtual coffee soon.


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