Virtual Meeting Rooms

Compete on a global scale with a virtual office that lets you collaborate as if you and your team are in the same physical room.

Effective Virtual Meetings

meetingRoom has developed a platform which will transform how businesses collaborate. We offer a virtual meeting room with collaboration and presentation tools, manipulated by the participants; pointing, discussing, marking and deleting with up to 12 other team members using virtual reality headsets. Access from non-VR platforms is also available.

Be Present – An immersive solution where you see everyone
Contribute – Speak and be heard, point and be seen
Participate – Write, edit, and rearrange
Action Oriented – Tools to build shared agreement
Document – Save your meeting room
Virtual Meeting Rooms Features

Digital Room Types

We provide standard virtual meeting rooms for you to use in your collaborative environment, these include a set of standard meeting room tools.

However, you can talk to us about creating a branded or task-specific collaboration space. This can include meeting rooms with specific tools, 360-degree rooms or something more innovative.

avatars standing around a whiteboard
Virtual Meeting Rooms Features

Collaboration Tools

We include a standard set of tools that you would expect to find in a collaborative space to aid efficient and effective contribution and participation.

Brainstorming - Sticky Notes
Visual Aids - Agenda, Slide Deck
Clocks & Timers

Virtual Meeting Rooms Features

Real World Audio

Our audio implementation allows you to speak and be heard. Using spatial techniques it allows everyone in the immersive environment to quickly identify who is speaking.

Watch everyone turn to face you when you make your point.

Virtual Meeting Rooms Features


We use avatars, a graphical representation of your self, within the virtual meeting environment. Pick your look and drop into your meeting. Everyone will know who you are as your avatar includes your name.

Pick your look but know who you are talking to.

Virtual Meeting Rooms Features

Cross Platform

No matter what technology you have access to, our solution allows you to participate fully. Available on multiple platforms there are no limitations to your team working.

For a fully immersive experience, we highly recommend one of the very latest Virtual Reality headsets.

Virtual Meeting Rooms Features


Whilst we can't manipulate time we can help global teams work together in harmony. Drop in no matter where you are located, and then use the tools to make it easier for employees across multiple timezones to participate.

You can also use our persistent room capabilities to build project rooms that exist to drop into at any time. Contribute while everyone else is asleep.

Virtual Meeting Rooms Features


The Virtual Meeting Rooms environment uses the latest enterprise-grade security to ensure that no-one can eavesdrop on your meetings. Secure login technologies ensure that only those that are meant to be in the meeting are in the meeting.

The added advantage of virtual meeting rooms is you can't see the information unless you are in the room. No glass windows or walls to worry about.

Supported Virtual Meeting Rooms Platforms

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