Virtual Meeting Rooms For Enterprise

For larger organisations and companies, meetingRoom has an enterprise package. The enterprise package provides extra flexibility for companies to deploy virtual meeting rooms across a more extensive employee base. Add a smart dimension to the future of work in your organisation.

Deploy Virtual Meeting Rooms

Beyond the tools available in the standard package, the enterprise package comes with a set of services to help in the deployment and management of virtual meeting rooms.

Seamless Setup and Management
  • Manage experiences with intuitive software
  • Simplify bulk provisioning
  • Streamline deployments
  • Wipe devices remotely
  • Take advantage of mobile device management
Business-Focused User Experience
  • Customize experiences for users
  • Access enterprise-only features to quickly launch specific applications

We also provide services and consultancy, around the management software provided with virtual reality headsets, that includes the following capabilities.

Proof Of Concept Assistance

We have a range of services to assist you in developing and running a proof of concept within your environment. Test and demonstrate the return on investment with your people and your tools.

Premium Support

For enterprise customers, we offer a support agreement tailored to your requirements. Talk to us to identify the best way to support your users in their virtual rooms.

Usage Reporting

Reporting tools allow you to see room usage, attendees and more.

Hosted or On-Premise

We offer global access to your virtual meeting room through our own hosting facilities. However, if you would prefer to manage the environment in your own facilities we can accommodate that.

White Label

Standard meeting rooms are provided to get enterprises up and running quickly. However, if you would like your rooms branded we can do that.

Meeting Room Design

Meeting rooms don't have to be square or have a whiteboard. If you would like something specific talk to us. We can do 360-degree photo rooms, outdoor spaces and working environments.

Concierge Services

Our hosted service can be provided with a concierge service to ensure meetings run smoothly.

Meeting Administration

Whether its getting rooms set up, adding users or creating and loading content, we can help.

Get Started With Virtual Meeting Rooms For Enterprise

You can get started with our enterprise offering in two ways

1. Contact us and ask us to assist
2. Download the free version and investigate

No matter how you start you will have our full focus and attention. 

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