This is a short preview of our virtual meeting rooms 1.5.3 update in the coming weeks. This release upgrades security and expands on features and available rooms.

Platform update

Version 1.5.2 has been road-tested over the summer by many enterprise teams. Virtual meeting rooms 1.5.3 will include a set of enhancements and fixes. It is for general release to enterprise customers.

  • Two-factor authentication is now enabled
  • Version 1.0 is now closed
  • New rooms are on the way!

Security update: Two Factor Authentication

We’re excited to share our number one request from large enterprises over the past six months.

gif of a demonstration of meetingRoom 2FA working with Authy on the Apple Watch and putting on the Oculus Quest headset
  • Adding a layer of security, your organisation can now enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • This is for when teams sign in to meetingRoom’s dashboard and application

Improve in-room context: Avatar upgrades

We’ve done an overhaul to update our avatars across every platform – they’ve come a long way.

an avatar of Jonny Cosgrove demonstrating the update to audio linking with speech and an audio marker above the head of who is speaking
  • Blink and talk animations work as expected
  • A notification that the user is talking through the green speaker icon above the avatar head

Say hello to our virtual web viewer

Basic web browser viewer functionality is now included. This enables teams to bring their existing tools into rooms.

an over the shoulder shot of an avatar interacting with websites on the web browser viewer
  • We’re thinking hard about what a browser does in XR and how it works when focused on smooth collaboration
  • This will enhance in later releases but we’re excited to see what executives get up to with it at this early stage

Improvements to sticky notes

We upgraded how you interact with sticky notes and get the most out of your sticky note sessions. We ensure simple group collaboration ie teams can work with sticky notes.

an over the shoulder angle of an avatar interacting with sticky notes on a collaboration wall
  • Layers now work with upgraded user experience and interface
  • You can fit up to 100 numbered sticky notes on one board
  • You can save out many boards as an image or text file
  • It is simple to bring your work to emails, Teams or Slack channels

Updated experience for loading and downloading assets

We have updated the dashboard for loading items via the web-based portal. This is accessible via This covers:

  • PDF Documents
  • 360 many equirectangular images in your 360 rooms
  • 3D models that can be in obj, fbx or gltf formats in the model rooms and zip files can include textures

Reduce friction: Version Check

The application now checks itself for compatibility.

  • This ensures everybody can get into their meetings and improve their time-to-meet


  • Version 1.5.3 is backwards compatible with the previous version 1.5.2
  • Devices do not need to upgrade to Version 1.5.3 to take part in meetings
  • They will need to upgrade to get access to new features.

Oculus Quest

  • Correct functioning of application pause on the removal of the headset
  • Performance has improved to maintain 72 frames per second

New virtual meeting rooms

The large room: harness the energy of your whole team

The concept behind this virtual meeting room was to allow more people in a room together. We developed this larger room to allow for great work to happen using the power of a sticky note.

a shot of 2 sticky note walls in the large collaboration room
  • Built for 3-20 people to get together
  • A persistent virtual meeting room to allow teams to return at any time
  • Many sticky note walls allows for workflows within the same space
  • A numbering system, to ensure everyone knows where to look in a meeting
a shot of the large collaboration view showing one sticky note wall and the time-zone clocks on the far wall with another wall including windows with a city view

The outside room: time for blue sky thinking

The concept behind the outside room that we’re releasing in 1.5.3 further enhances team’s ability to think. We knocked down the walls to bring teams together in a beautiful summer’s day. It is a space designed for reporting and planning.

an outdoor room with blue Skys and trees. there is a document viewer with a timer and clocks on the wall
  • Built for 3-12 people to get together
  • This collaboration room allows teams to get around a huge document viewer while getting some blue skies
  • The first use cases for this room include pitching and management meetings
an outside virtual meeting room with trees, a blue sky and a document viewer

The web room: bring the web to work

It does what it says on the tin – it’s a room for getting a team around a web viewer.

a shot of the web room with a web browser viewer, world clocks and a timer with a plant in the corner
  • You can set favourite website that you and your team need for particular sessions
  • We look forward to upgrading with customers over time, so expect more to come in the next few months

Quality of Life

Like physical office space, virtual meeting rooms need best in class management. The 1.5.3 release brings:

– improved performance of the application lifecycle

– workarounds for performance limiting bugs

– menu enhancements.

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