The new meetingRoom and the next level of virtual space as a service is live today!

Virtual space as a service becomes a reality

meetingRoom have held a vision for the future of work since the beginning. We question the art of the possible and what it means for meetings. Meetings can be a checklist item. Meetings can be an experience that moves the needle for your organisation. meetingRoom (our company), focuses on the latter.

Every digital engagement in our solution provides the potential for a game-changing experience. That is our focus point as a solution. meetingRoom is not an alternative to Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, Webex or Zoom. meetingRoom lets you augment and extend existing digital transformation efforts and workflows. We are apart of the next generation of “boring office software that changes the world”.

Shot on meetingRoom Windows Desktop Version

Who does this matter to?

This matters to every executive and manager working in the Fortune 500. If you are a leader who needs to extend your workflow beyond the 2D screen. If you are a manager who wants to enable your team to be on-site rather than talking about a site-map. If you have a model you need to share with your sales or senior management team. meetingRoom lets you open your organisation to the immersive future that has arrived.

Updates for meetingRoom 1.7.1

Dynamic rooms – new spaces with multiple tools

dynamic room with multiple avatars standing around a 3 model
Shot on meetingRoom Windows Desktop Version

Before, when you wanted a new type of space, it required everyone on the platform to download a new update. Now, that limit is gone! When you want to make a new type of room, we can do it in minutes, not months. The limit is your imagination for how you would like your ideal room to be set up. 

We now allow you to bring many tools together in the one space, as well as custom branding.

You can take notes while completing a site visit. You can bring your whiteboard into the middle of a 360 video training session. Bring a whole new dimension to your collaboration and training efforts. Bring immersive technology deeper into your organisation, with your existing content!

Updated avatars – we are now a multi-avatar system

multiple new avatars standing in a 360 image room
Shot on meetingRoom Windows Desktop Version

Our first avatar integration into meetingRoom is here. We are thankful to our partners at Ready Player Me. This opens up a much more personal touch for our users when getting set up and engaging in their sessions.

Before, you only had access to limited customisability, now your potential is unlimited. This is the first step in many to ensuring participating in a session represented as you wish! You still have access to our “classic” avatars, for when people do not have time to get things set up before their first session.

Updated Web Viewer – Work with more tools from your workflow

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We now let you bring many web viewers together in one space. You can have all your tools at your virtual fingertips when you are in a session. Right now, meetingRoom works well with the web versions of:

Please note, 2FA will disrupt the experience at this point in time – we may need to engage with your Please note, 2FA will disrupt the experience at this moment. We may need to engage with your organisation to activate certain services.

Brand new tools – 2D images and videos have arrived

avatars looking at a wall with a site shot in view - the 2D image viewer
Shot on meetingRoom Windows Desktop Version

2D image files are now supported so that teams can bring ALL of their existing content, from marketing, branding and photographs to life in room.

2D high-definition video files are now supported to ensure

When is this happening?

Paid customers already have access to the newest version of meetingRoom for a few months. Companies can sign up now to gain access here by checking in below to make sure you have first access in the future.

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