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We are proud to announce meetingRoom version 1.5.5 is now live.

Please note this is an enterprise-only release. This release provides a set of enhancements and fixes to the meetingRoom app and web application including the addition of 360 video, two-handed typing .

New Features

360 video room

Captured in meetingRoom from meetingRoom iPad

360-degree videos can now be played in meetingRoom using the video room.

How to use: Uploads are made by using the meetingRoom dashboard.

Videos are processed into multiple formats to allow playback on different platforms and over varying bandwidths to ensure the best viewing experience on an individual basis.

The adaptive streaming starts at a low resolution and then after 2-5 seconds will change to the best resolution for the connected device. Videos must be equirectangular mp4 and less than 1GB in size. On conclusion of processing the submitter receives an email to notify them of completion success or whether there were any issues.

Sticky note wall templates

Upload your own workflows to any of your rooms

Templates for sticky note wall backgrounds can now be loaded

How to use: Via the meetingRoom dashboard to let teams import existing workflows into their virtual meeting spaces.

Resolution is low to maintain Quest performance, images should be jpg in format, less than 1MB and 1400×500 pixels to ensure best performance.


Two-handed typing for improved input

You can now type with two-hands for speedier interactions!

The keyboard in VR now supports two-handed typing.

For handiness (left of right), there is new selection item on the login screen to ensure it’s simple to let your avatar be left or right handed.

Model loading improvements

Thanks to Metavrse for providing the above robot model

Model loading now supports obj with material files and animations on models.

Loading is also optimized to better support larger models including Lidar shot from your iPhone. However, cross-platform differences in model loading capabilities should be borne in mind.

Mobile 3D Scanning

Along with the new model formats in this update, this also opens up a lot of possibilities for iPhone and iPad Pro users. There are a lot of apps out there doing some awesome work, including Forge, Polycam and Scaniverse (expect a deeper post on this soon).

We’ve mapped out a quick 3-step process to scan your site (in this lockdown-limited case, Jonny’s desk!) and bring it into VR right away.

Step 1 – Capture scan with iPhone (above using Forge)
Step 2 – Quick cropping on the iPhone, airdrop the OBJ File over to desktop and upload using meetingRoom dashboard
Jonny's avatar demoing the uploaded 3d scan in meetingRoom
Step 3 – Get into your headset and your content is available immediately

Password Manager

Upgraded to allow login data to be easily stored and used with the Cloud Wall.

How to use: Go to your meetingRoom dashboard, go to the web room tab and add your favourite websites and the credentials you wish to use with them.

Entered login data is encrypted and setup using the dashboard in the web application.

Known Issues

Two-factor authentication does not work when sharing the cloud wall. Therefore, items shared via the cloud wall need to have two-factor authentication disabled.Web keyboard does not work on mobile platforms.Handiness is not saved between sessions.CompatibilityVersion 1.5.4 will be backwards compatible with the previous version (1.5.3) and so devices donot need to be upgraded to Version 1.5.4 to be able to participate in meetings. However, thelayout of the large room has changed and so users of previous versions will see some stickynote layout issues.Other ItemsA video room is included in the build but the room needs to be enabled for customers to be ableto use it. Please contact meetingRoom for more details

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