TLDR: We’ve been busy listening, we’ve been building and we’ve been refining for the past few months. We’re happy to announce we are finishing out the closed beta. We are releasing meetingRoom open beta in the coming weeks.

Keep an eye on your inbox (you can still access/sign up for the closed beta for now. We’re in pre-production for open beta and looking forward to sharing everything soon!

We also have some great news to share – we’re officially coming to the Oculus Quest 🙂 We’ll have more details soon. If you already have a Quest get in touch right away (we won’t appear on the store it’s a manual process).

Getting started with buying Quests for your organisation with meetingRoom is easy. Fill out the form below to get started right away. We’ll be doing a separate post about on the Quest soon. We can confirm all features of meetingRoom’s core features work on the Quest!

Getting Started on the Oculus Quest Enterprise

Gain access to the early access version of the meetingRoom on the Quest.

Click here to get started.

What’s New in Open Beta V1.0.13

This version marks the completion of core product 1.0 – you can do most of the things you would do in a real-life meeting. We’ll break it down in detail upon release soon.

Functionality & Features

New room design we got the design hats back on and we’ve finished a great new room for projects and internal team meetings.

Persistence 1.0 rooms you can return to. Your whiteboard and sticky notes stay where you left them from meeting to meeting, project to project. 24/7/365 access.

Collaboration Wall 1.0 text ready images for teams from any device to work together on, plan and take focused notes.

Reference Wall 1.0 Anybody who is a member of the room can upload an agenda, notes or documents in PDF format.

Quality of Life

Timers – timers aren’t new, but now we’ve brought them from the menu into the room – check it over the reference wall and keep your meetings on time!

Updated Whiteboard templates We’ve cleaned up the templates – we hope you like the new design!

Saving Images – We’ve improved saving images. You can now save to desktop from whiteboard and collaboration so you can bring your work into the real world.

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