We’re proud to be able to share the latest update early access has arrived! I’m going to keep this short as we’ve a lot to share re: product. This is the culmination of a lot of work over the past few months and a quick shout out to the team – thanks for all the effort put in to get us to this point.

Right now we have one ask – give us as much feedback as possible – message us on your dashboard or shoot us an email to info@meetingRoom.io. Thanks for all the support getting us to this point!

Jonny & team meetingRoom.io

Open Beta

V1.0.13 – What’s New

a room setup for work on the collaboration wall and the whiteboard

This version marks the completion of core product 1.0 – you can do most of the things you would do in a real life meeting. Please see below for an in-depth breakdown

Functionality & Features

Persistence 1.0

This is what we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you – rooms you can return to.

  • Your sticky-notes and whiteboard stay put when you leave the room so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Check in on your sticky notes day to day or week to week – whiteboards are persistent and you can save highlights out from your board.
  • You now work asynchronously in room – try leaving a note in room when it comes to you and bring it up in your next call.

Collaboration Wall 1.0

Introducing the collaboration wall 1.0 for teams to keep in sync.

  • No working environment is complete without access to post-its to plan out projects and jobs to be done.
  • Collaboration 1.0 gives you and your team access to a board per room with text friendly sticky notes you can give headings to and type on some short notes on.
  • When you’re done you can export your work to use in the real world to fit in with your existing workflow.

Reference Wall 1.0

Reference Wall 1.0 brings together a lot of the learning we’ve taken in over the last few months.

  • Here you can upload a document which you can use to help guide a session or as a souce of truth for your room, project or meeting.
  • With documents and agendas, you can drive you sessions in the right direction.
  • You can handle document upload from app.meetingRoom.io

User Interface and Design

New room design

To celebrate early access, we’ve got the virtual interior designers in and we are happy to present a new room design for our sync room.

  • We’ve given the room a major visual update and it is now working on all platforms
  • Enjoy the new view and the greenery.

Quality of Life


We introduced timers a few months ago, and the feedback was immense.

  • Now when you set your time it appears right in your room above the reference wall.
  • You can set and reset you timer from you menu (you watch!)

Saving Images

Saving the work you have done from your session on the whiteboard and the collaboration wall just got easier.

  • You can save your work from the whiteboard or collaboration wall
  • Images now get saved directly to your desktop on Windows and MacOS
    • Folder = Desktop/my-documents on Windows
  • Your photos on MacOS

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