Virtual Space as a Service takes another step forward.

True digital engagement is a chance to build lasting relationships. meetingRoom now lets you leave a lasting impression in more ways than ever before. Let’s jump right in and look at video calls, screen-sharing workflows and new vr headsets to participate from.

Who does this matter to?

Every executive and VP working on immersive/VR/AR/XR collaboration efforts. If you are a leader who wants to enable improved secure digital transformation, this is for you.

Video Calls – arrive with a link, and without your headset.

Video conferencing in vr has arrived at meetingRoom. This is a brand new screen you can order and add to your spaces.

This enables seamless remote collaboration between VR and non-VR users, in one space. 

Video calls in vr makes your spaces accessible via a link. Yes, you read that right. Users can attach a link (e.g. to your calendar event) that a participant may click and join, using only their browser.

When the user arrives, you will see them on the video call screen in space. They will see the space as well as you and your team in space looking back at them.

Our goal is to make it simpler to integrate your existing digital workflow with this release. This also introduces screen-sharing, unlocking:

  • Share live files
  • Share applications that only work on a company desktop
  • Share live site video feeds

The number of participants that may attend is one at present. This will scale up in the future as use cases appear. Users create their video call link via the dashboard. Once created, users can share and regenerate the link for security purposes.

Introducing the Reception Space – greet your team in a brand new space!

The newest space to land in meetingRoom’s library is the Reception Space. This is a highly requested space that is exciting to release today.

The space is a great space to meet and greet teams before heading to your dedicated session space(s).

The reception space also includes a selfie TV to make sure everybody can get comfortable.

HTC Vive Focus 3 is now Supported

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is now supported by meetingRoom.

All features are available on the device. To get started, please reach out to

Updated tools – Brand Loader and Login Tracker

Once you set up your brand, you can add it to all your spaces. That’s right, you can get your logo and brand colours to every space.

Our login tracker now captures more information to help you understand growth. The length of time a user attends a session is now optimised.

When is this happening?

This is now live for paid customers. Full release notes are here.

Companies can sign up now to gain access here by checking in below to make sure you have first access in the future.

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