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vr for work executive insight #2 - start with value

When your company dedicates time and resources to VR for work, you need to deliver. It’s important to realise value early, to prove return on investment with virtual reality for collaboration. This is true for your company, for your manager, for your annual review (if you’re the one proposing the new solution!). If you’re going to ask decision makers to buy-in, results need to be clear. This article’s goal is to steer you toward value creation from day one.

Our goal when working with customers is to unearth bottom-line value, not potential, using virtual reality for collaboration.

What you need to avoid

Business cases that could solved in an easier fashion on something like Teams or Zoom need to be avoided at all costs. Standup meetings in virtual reality might sound fantastic. They are nothing compared with the value created from virtual site visits and doing things that simply can’t be done any other way. You need to be working to enable 50% better than what already exists. 2020 has raised the bar for collaboration tools. From Mural to Miro, there is a host of tools might already solve your problem.

What you need to take action on

Pick the problem (makes us more money, or saves us money) and ensure it’s valuable to the organisation right now. Then you need to evaluate if this is a problem worth solving using virtual reality for collaboration. For example – “Our team needs to use a 3D space using assets (360 image or video) to visit a customer site that we can’t visit“. Here, a desktop experience cannot allow the experience to happen. Outline a solution that will provide clear value to enable the ability to take action using vr for work.

image of a number of avatars in a encrypted model room looking at a model of an off-shore oil rig
The “3D model room” | Photo taken using the meetingRoom desktop app.

Acceptance: Value’s starting point

Before you begin, you need to do a reality check internally. Is there an appetite to use or support virtual reality technology within you business?

Not everybody has to be expected to purchase or wear a headset right away. If your company isn’t willing to invest in a small amount of virtual reality headsets to explore VR for work, the writing is on the wall. Don’t waste time investing energy and resources if acceptance is far away, stop- you won’t see the value without getting people to experience the power of virtual collaboration.

The reason you are purchasing vr headsets or software to use with them needs to be clear and absolutely needs cultural buy-in.

If you are in the “too early” camp, bide your time until the need if right. If the timing is right, move fast. Build the first points of value for vr for work within your business.

Want to learn about VR for Work?

We’re here to act as your digital concierge on your digital transformation journey. Reach out to us with any queries you have relating to virtual collaboration and improving your organisation using VR for Work.

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