Cookie Policy How work has changed | VR for Work Executive Insight #3

We’re living through a unique moment in history in how we work and live. We examine the drivers behind how working is changing and how to take action.

“The pandemic has rapidly elevated many digital workplace technologies from nice-to-have to must-have status” 

Trends for the Digital Workplace 2020
Gartner, August 2020

Short and longer term effects will shape how organisations approach digital transformation over the coming decade. How we work has changed in day-to-day activities and in the mindset change of how work could be in the future. VR for work is foundational to enable how we work in the future.

The Covid era is accelerating the shift in how work gets done. As a result, transformation is ongoing at a rapid pace. With this acceleration in change, the ‘distance economy’ is growing and virtual solutions are emerging. These solutions mimic in-person interactions and meetings, the next generation in tele-presence. As a result, organisations will unlock collaboration across borders in ways not possible traditional conferencing solutions.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

Pre-existing imperatives will intensify.

Reducing spend on offices and business travel was a core focus before the pandemic for most enterprises. Cost reduction will remain a core strategy component in a successful transition to a hybrid future.

ESG pressures to cut carbon footprint is part of the ethos and ‘why’ meetingRoom exists. Large enterprises are re-imagining sustainability as the world reacts to climate risk. As a result, virtual meeting space will be included in ESG related activities.

Shifting preferences in work-life balance will continue to evolve, beyond the current enforced work from home experience. Some trends will reverse, and others will increase in a distributed world. What is guaranteed, the next decade is hybrid.

What you need to take action on:

Picking the right problem you want to address virtual reality meeting rooms is key. You need to check how this solution might fit within the bigger picture. How do you reach the hearts and minds of your organisation with your proposed solution?

What are the success hurdles that will enable you to prove the value of your use case. Not the potential of immersive workspaces – for this please see this fantastic piece in Harvard Business Review. The ‘how’ of work is changing, and a hybrid future is on the horizon for every large scale organisation. Who might be the best internal sponsor to help you make this happen? The ‘how’ of work is changing, and a hybrid future is on the horizon for every large scale organisation. Prove the value of virtual collaboration for your organisation, ahead of the competition.

Want to learn about VR for Work?

We’re here to act as your digital concierge on your digital transformation journey. Reach out to us with any queries you have relating to virtual collaboration and improving your organisation using VR for Work.

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