We are proud to announce the release of meetingRoom 2.0, our best version, ever (yes, we’re bubbling about this one!). This release marks the shift from solution to platform, which presents exciting possibilities to our customers in 2023 and beyond. 

Here are the updates your business should know about:

What is meetingRoom 2.0?

How do companies access meetingRoom 2.0?

New release, new features

When is meetingRoom 2.0 coming?

Feature upgrades

What is meetingRoom 2.0?

meetingRoom 2.0 works out of the box. It is intuitive and augmented by the onboarding experience.

Administrator @ existing Fortune 500 customer

We’ve been doing a lot of listening over the past 24 months. This release incorporates LOTS of  valuable feedback from our early enterprise users – thanks, folks! Where 2D just won’t do, we’re letting you get more done, in less time, in configurable meetingRoom spaces. 

Under the hood: Same functionality, complete rewrite. The Enterprise Version 2.0.2 of the meetingRoom app is a significant retooling of the 1.8.2 version. Functionality of the application is the same. Yet, the upgrade has improved usability, scalability, security and cross-platform support, as well as accommodating an expanded list of use cases.

It also integrates with the new web console for enhanced functionality. Usability and cross-platform support has improved. We will continue to add scalability,and security upgrades.

On the front end: This is where companies will see and feel the difference. meetingRoom is a toolkit for enterprise collaboration – whoever, however, wherever, whatever. A new user interface for the application and an updated menu system improve usability and functionality. Identical across all platforms, meetingRoom web console enables teams to configure, manage and deploy spaces for collaboration in seconds.

New release, new features

meetingRoom Web Console This enables a best-in-class experience to manage and deploy XR workspaces. 

The web console enables users to set up different environments. Administrators can set access to their suites of virtual offices. For all XR spaces, it’s simple to set policies, tools, contents and asset availability.

The Menu Our menu has been re-designed for the modern remote worker. The executive who joins from their headset, but who also wants to join from their usual go-to device. (e.g., their Mac or desktop pc, their laptop or iPad/iPhone when they are on the move). With this in mind, we have designed a succinct menu which enables you to navigate in a brand new way.

  • This is where users navigate between spaces and find people in meetingRoom
  • We’ve reorganised not only the look and feel, but also the tabs and their functionality
  • The same cross-platform approach, with a modern design.

Open XR Support We now support Open XR, enabling companies to bring the power of a PC-supported experience to meetingRoom:

The application is now available for those devices that support OpenXR on a PC-based platform.

This allows the app to support better VR experiences utilising the processing power of a PC and high performance GPU-based platforms. This means organisations may derive more valuable experiences from their existing digital twins and other 3D assets.

When is meetingRoom 2.0 coming?

meetingRoom 2.0 is available today. It is available to existing customers via organisation administrators.

How do companies access meetingRoom 2.0?

I’m an existing user – How do I access meetingRoom 2.0? Existing customers are onboarding right away. Users can get started from the web console today. Please note, we meet all new customers first. Then we onboard and give access to the platform. This to ensure a perfect first-time experience, and to ensure we are a good fit for your team’s use case.

I’m not an existing user, how do I get access? If your company already has an account, please refer to the organisation administrator. If the organisation is not yet a customer, please get started here.

Feature Upgrades

Content addition: Digital Twins now supported. As mentioned, we have enabled the platform to support better VR experiences using the power of a PC and high performance GPU-based platforms. This means organisations may derive more valuable experiences from their existing digital twins and other 3D assets. As workflows around digital twins continue to improve, this has been one of our most requested features that we are glad to finally release to enterprise users.

Passthrough Users used to be able to create a window into the real world while wearing a virtual reality headset. Passthrough at meetingRoom has evolved. Users can bring the entire real-world into view. Users can bring the walls down and merge the physical and digital world.

Load Latest We have continued to evolve our “load latest” feature. meetingRoom updates all the configuration files to the latest session in team spaces. More content in our virtual meeting spaces is persistent, and loads up exactly as users left it.

Known issues

MacOS The macOS version uses Rosetta to run on Apple Silicon devices. Due to this, the in-application video conference wall is currently not supported on MacOS. Please note, users may still join the link to join a video conference from a browser session.

Multiple 3D Models When using more than one model viewer in a room if the same model is selected twice it confuses the application. Fixed in the next release.

Backwards Compatibility Version 2 (2.0.2) is not backwards compatible so upgrading is essential. Previous versions are now closed:

  • We have been in communication with our existing customers
  • Old versions of meetingRoom are no longer live
  • Old login credentials etc no longer work

If it isn’t clear already, we are delighted to unveil the meetingRoom 2.0. This upgrade is the culmination of years of working in this space, and we are so excited to be releasing the next enterprise release today.

2023 requires a willingness to embrace change. Is your company ready to improve their collaboration capability? Experience the power of immersive workspaces. Please get in touch to learn more today.

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