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The remote work platform to let teams get virtually face-to-face and collaborate over distance with presence

How Does it Work?


Sign up As an administrator to get started and create your first users and rooms


Invite your team from your dashboard,

setup your rooms,

add your team to room and

you’re good to go!


Step inside your first meeting and

collaborate with your team

from anywhere

MeetingRoom are well ahead of the game in terms of enterprise VR. They are developing a VR space for enterprise that other people are not even thinking about.  User testing has proven meetingRoom to be a compelling solution.

VR meetings are set to replace video conferencing.  Not only will they be easier to use but they will be more useful.  People will end up demanding VR meetings.


Mike Harlick

Solution & Innovation Manager, Bank of Ireland

What’s meetingRoom for?

Your digital meeting space has arrived. Collaborate, discuss, produce results.

From anywhere on any device.

Get around a Table

Get around the table where you make your best decisions on the move

Save Your Work

Bring your whiteboard work to the real world and existing channels instantly

Work on a Whiteboard

Solve complicated problems where multiple users can work at the same time

File Sharing

Open PDF from your computer to use for reference or presentation in

Supported Platforms

Visit your office from anywhere, anytime, on any device, available here





HTC Vive

Oculus Rift

Windows Mixed Reality

Try Early Access For Free!

We are giving you early access to the platform and we will keep a free tier following the full beta release in the near future.

As a host, you will get:

  • 3 rooms
  • 12 concurrent users per room
  • 30 users per team
  • Premium spatial sound for every meeting
  • Unlimited Meetings per host per month
  • Access from any device

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