Virtual Space as a Service for Location-Less Teams

Connecting enterprise teams in a virtual reality meeting room from any device



Work Anywhere
Collaborate effectively with colleagues, partners or customers no matter where they are.
Feel Present
Immerse yourself in the meeting. See and hear everyone, contribute and participate.
Universal Access
Use any device to join, or use virtual reality to innovate in an expressive space.
Secure By Design
Built for smarter working with industry standard encryption.

Improve Productivity

Increased Responsiveness

Enhanced Team Working

Supports Remote Working

Reduce Travel Costs

Reduce Absenteeism

Lower Environmental Impact

Improve Training


What's In A Virtual Meeting Room

Take a look at our virtual meeting room environment using the 3D viewer. Get a feel for the digital room and the collaboration tools we provide. Once you have had a look around, why don’t you jump into your own virtual meeting room and see what the future of work looks like?
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