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The Best Way to Do Regular, Planned Work

meetingRooms in the Cloud for remote teams to meet & get face to face from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Work Without Borders

Simple Online Meetings

meetingRoom presents an easy user experience for teams to meet on a regular basis with avatars

Hear & See

Spatial audio let’s your team hear each other with unrivaled direction and depth so you know who’s talking

Less Dropped Calls

Connect from any network to your meetingRoom in the cloud with Wifi  or a 3G connection

Device Flexible

Software deploys to all major platforms:
desktops, laptops, mobile devices anvirtual/augmented reality headsets

There’s a Better Way

Create an Equal Conversation

Work in a space proven to work against discrimination

Complete Meaningful Work

Work directly on the documents and tools that you use every day

Be Together From Anywhere

Minimize your dependency on high speed internet

Virtual Tour

What the Customers Say

MeetingRoom are well ahead of the game in terms of enterprise VR. They are developing a VR space for enterprise that other people are not even thinking about.  User testing has proven meetingRoom to be a compelling solution. Mike Harlick

Senior Solution & Innovation Manager, Bank of Ireland

Start a Better Way to Meet

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