The Remote Work


A better way for remote teams to get virtually face-to-face and collaborate over distance from any device to keep aligned

Sustainable Collaboration

Hold powerful meetings. Do important work. Drive real value.

Work Anywhere

Attend from multiple locations in a shared cloud office

Feel Present

Meet deadlines faster with spatial sound and greater alignment

Universal Access

Cross-platform and device access to ensure easy access for all

Secure By Design

Built with privacy in mind with encrypted communications

Portable Strategy

Access your whiteboards from anywhere to plan, make strategies and execute

shot of a team of avatars working on a whiteboard mapping out a week
Team doing a standup gathered around at table

Make decisions anywhere

Get around a table to work through impactful work and make faster decisions as if you’re in a room in real life

Respond from anywhere

Work on what matters with the experts you need when you need them

Team working on a PDF document

Features To Drive Productivity

Compete on a global scale with an office that lets you work as if you were in the same room as your team

Digital Rooms

Secure spaces you can access from anywhere


Work on the complicated stuff from anywhere


Use timers to get through agendas on time

Agenda Wall

Upload an agenda or presentation to collaborate

Spatial Audio

Premium Voice that sounds just like you're in the same room


Step into your digital world as an avatar that reflects your digital self


Use your phone, desktop or virtual reality headset

Set Timezones

Set team timezones to keep everyone on same page

Testimonials Our Community

Case Study: Virtual Reality Versus Video Communications for Financial Services

“VR meetings are set to replace video conferencing. Not only will they be easier to use but they will be more useful. People will end up demanding VR meetings.”

Mike Harlick
Solution & Innovation Manager, Bank of Ireland


Get connected with real presence from anywhere.

Early access pricing subject to change based on feedback from you!


Great for trials and SMEs


Per month

  • 12 people per room at once
  • 12 users / team
  • Meeting Timer
  • Scheduling (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase extra rooms
  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Email support


Great for Large and Enterprise Ready

  • Everything in free +
  • Dedicated Setup
  • Unlimited users / team
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Persistent Whiteboards (Coming Soon)
  • Purchase extra rooms
  • Premium support

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Bring your own device

Available on all platforms

available on Microsoft Windows
available on MacOS
available on iOS
available on Android
available on Microsoft Mixed Reality
available on Oculus Rift
available on HTC vive
available on Pico

Future of Work Sessions

Get complete control over your position in the oncoming digital revolution and embrace the future of collaboration

You're in Good Company

"MeetingRoom are well ahead of the game in terms of enterprise VR. They are developing a VR for enterprise that other people are not even thinking about."
Mike Harlick
Bank of Ireland

Step-by-Step Guide on how to succeed using VR, AR, MR, AR for Work with subject area experts

Tailored packages for your industry to ensure you succeed in the next 6 months to keep up with XR

We handle all the logistics getting headsets to everyone for the sessions.

We do provide sessions for those without the need for headsets, yet! All you need is internet access.

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About us

A passionate remote working team orientated with our customers in mind

users around a table and at a whiteboard

Our Team

Our team are made up of experts in the fields of collaboration, digital teams, virtual and augmented reality. We’ve worked across academia, startups and industry over the last 20 years from University College Dublin to Facebook and have worked with verticals including but not limited to financial services, pharmaceutical, software, services and security.

Our Company

Formed in 2017 meetingRoom has grown to be an industry leader in virtual collaboration in a short space of time, working with Fortune 500 organisations, SMEs, Startups and partnering with the leading vendors in the VR industry.

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