Virtual Meeting Rooms For Small And Medium Businesses

For small and medium businesses (SMBs) meetingRoom has its standard package. The standard package provides extra flexibility for companies to expand the usage of virtual meeting rooms in their daily processes.

Virtual Meeting Room Tools

meetingRoom is a service that allows people to work with each other using familiar meeting room facilities, like whiteboards, in a virtual environment. Accessible from anywhere, with security built-in, it allows employees to feel a high level of immersive engagement with what’s happening in the meeting, even though the spread of employees maybe throughout the world.

Use the following tools and save the work the team creates:

Reference Wall – Whiteboard tools with a set of templates to quickly allow teams to brainstorm.

Collaboration Wall – A wall that you can fill with sticky notes. Pick the template that supports the way you work.

Presentation Wall – Upload and document or presentation into your room.

We see small businesses and organisations using virtual meeting rooms in the following scenarios:

  • 360° picture and video rooms
  • Remote team working
  • Training
  • Brainstorming
  • Daily syncs
  • Project status Triage

Get Started With Virtual Meeting Rooms For SMBs

You can get started with our standard offering for small and medium businesses in two ways

1. Contact us and ask us to assist
2. Download the free version and investigate

No matter how you start you will have our full focus and attention. 

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