Virtual Meeting Rooms For Partners

If you have customers then meetingRoom would like to talk to you about a strategic partnership.

Partners We Work With

We love to work with partners to deliver our platform to their customers. We have a range of offerings for different partner types.

Integrators – Volume-based product discounts and market development funds.
Consultants – Access to technical documentation, product training and dedicated support.
Service Providers – On-Premise to allow added value service delivery to customers.
ISVs – Incentives, training, tools and support for developing a joint solution.


We understand that for partners a solution must add value to their customers whilst delivering margin opportunities. To help with this we have a deal registration process, incentives and volume discounts to help.


Talk to us about our platform integration capabilities. Whether you have a product that you would like to integrate into the meetingRoom platform, or you think that virtual meeting rooms would complement your solution.


We can work with you to provide access to marketing assets, collateral and whitepapers for you to integrate into your marketing efforts. We can also align publishing calendars with you, taking advantage of upcoming announcements.


We recognise that there is a difference between supporting you and supporting your customers. Talk to us about our 1st and 2nd level support capabilities.


We recognise that it is important to enable both your technical and sales team and provide appropriate training.


We want to hear what you think and so our commitment is to regular feedback meetings, in a virtual room, of course, to understand how you think we are doing.

Get Started With A Strategic Partnership

You are more than welcome to download and setup your own virtual meeting rooms to investigate how our technology might benefit your customers.

Or just reach out to us and ask us what we can do for you and your customers.

1. Contact us and ask us what we can offer
2. Download and investigate the possibilities

No matter how you start you will have our full focus and attention. 

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