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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, meetingRoom is the consistent,

real-time virtual platform for teams to collaborate.


Real-Time Discussions

Localise presence allows organisations share real-time management information.

Knowledge Management

Share whiteboards & documents – unify collaboration in one secure space.

Encrypted Collaboration

Private, 160-bit AES encrypted virtual spaces for organisations to ensure end-to-end piece of mind.


Engaged Presence

Immersive, portable presence allowing organisations to manage across geographies.

Organisations get Face-to-Face

Forget dropped calls.

We maximise call quality

allowing teams to work on conference calls

across geographies.

Collaborate in Real-Time

meetingRoom allows you to share whiteboards, documents and chat with your team. Stay true to how your team interacts and share it in a unified, secure space.

Security by Design

An EU hosting option for our European customers and we are GDPR compliant.

448-bit AES Login.

160-bit AES encrypted rooms.

Your data is secure.

Make Time

Hold calls with context. From discussions to information sharing, keep in sync with your team and organisation, and save time thanks to our simple to use interface.

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