Virtual Reality (VR) is the next step in collaboration. It allows users to transport to new environments and experiences. Providing a 360 interface with spatial sounds, you can improve the employee experience. In this article, we’re going to show you how to import and use 360 photos in your virtual reality meeting.

Meetings – whether in person or virtual – are a great way to connect with your colleagues. But they can also be quite frustrating if you are unable to add relevant content such as 360 photos. That’s where meetingRoom comes in – we make importing a 360 photo into a virtual reality (VR) meeting easy.  You can upload a 360 photo via the web and it will become part of any VR space or session.

Site tours and audits

They’re immersive because they allow users to view every angle of a place or space. They create an emotional connection between your meeting attendees and your brand. Be sure to upload your different sites at the time of day you wish to portray. This gives your team a much better insight into how everything works. 360 photos can add a new dimension of realism to your VR session. They allow attendees to explore the environment and connect with the place.

Setting the tone for a session

One of the most powerful features is the ability to place users in a location that they cannot be. You can take your attendees on a virtual journey that feels genuine. Using 360 photos is one way to bring your meeting experience to life. Hold your Monday morning kickoff on the dark side of the moon to let your team know they’re in for a different kind of week. Allow teams to reconnect with your company, regardless of Return to Work status.

How to upload 360 images

meetingRoom has made it simple to get your data into a collaborative virtual space. Below is a process on how to import your 360 photos into your room for your next virtual reality meeting.

  • Go to your dashboard, and select the space you wish to upload your 360 photo to.
  • Click on the choose file button.
  • Select the file you wish to upload, being sure to follow the image upload guidelines (see below).
  • Once you have selected the file, click upload. The image will process right away and now you’re ready to see the image in action in your virtual reality

360 Image Viewer Upload Guidelines

Upload your image using the dashboard. The file is further processed on the meetingRoom servers.


Equirectangular jpg format, image dimensions should be powers of two and a 2:1 aspect ratio.


Less than 32Mb in size.

Upload limits

Currently, you may upload 10 images at any one time per space.


meetingRoom application is cross-platform. Some consideration comes with the capabilities of the lowest-performing platform. In this case, that is the Quest 2 device. They are fantastic devices, but they are still not very powerful. With our guidelines, anything you upload to your spaces will not cause any issues.

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