We are proud to announce the new version of meetingRoom is about to release. We are very excited to let our customers know that we made it even easier to collaborate with others and introduce virtual space management. This article talks about some highlights coming in 1.8.1 February 2022.

We built our spaces from the ground up to allow the impossible and make it real. To make virtual collaboration easier and more productive. It’s time to make some noise about our new product offering that is due to launch in late February. Now you can create your own virtual spaces. You may add even more custom content for different groups. You can load up specific configurations to improve efficiency. The new virtual meeting spaces are here to help you get more done in less time. The result is our most advanced update yet (and we haven’t even launched yet, but we’re getting close!).

Virtual Space Management



Load Latest

Virtual space management

Imagine a future where people can work together, on the same files and documents, no matter where they are located. Imagine if they could create and connect to virtual meeting spaces regardless of their location. We are not talking about science fiction; today, this is a very real possibility through virtual reality space management technology.

Virtual space management is a cloud-based technology that lets you set up different environments for different groups that can be used as virtual offices or for virtual meeting sessions, each with their own policies, tools and content. This is accessed via the dashboard and allows space and tools management. In much the same way as they manage their physical office spaces already, or wish they could.


For the first time ever, you will be able to translate your voice to text while using sticky notes. Speech-to-Text makes translating your voice to text while using sticky notes easy. We have started using  Speech-to-Text as an input with the sticky note tool.

With Speech-to-Text, every sticky note is also a voice recorder. That translates speech into text. Open the app, turn on speech-to-text and start speaking. Then watch as your words appear on sticky notes like magic.

With Speech-to-Text, you’ll never need to manually enter text in VR again (but you still can, if you want!).


Passthrough phase one is ready for meetingRoom. This is the first step in what will have some interesting use cases. It provides you with a realistic view via a window into the real world. When you are wearing your virtual headset. You press a button on your Oculus controller. You’ll be able to see your entire room in 3D as if you were looking at a movie set or a computer-generated simulation.

Passthrough allows you to engage with the people around you who are not wearing vr headsets. Think about when somebody walks into your space in the real world (or when you hear the patter of small feet). Sometimes it’s good to be able to jump back into the real world, quick!

Passthrough will be available for Oculus Quest 2 users.

Load latest

Load latest makes it really easy for teams to pick up where they left off. For facilitators and administrators, it’s simple to set up spaces in advance. When your content is ready to go for the task at hand, you can make the most of your team’s time.

Load latest updates all the configuration files to the latest session in your space. More content in our virtual meeting spaces are persistent, and loads up exactly as you left it. We already did this for sticky notes and whiteboards. Now we also do it for 2D image viewers, document walls, 3D models, 360 images. Templates on the whiteboard and sticky note tools work simpler now as well!

In conclusion

Our customers use meetingRoom for sessions that are impossible on other solutions. They use it to address business challenges that happens when people are not in the same place at the same time. We love empowering people where they need to do more than communicate with an ever-evolving solution. They need to do visionary work, together.

How do I get access?

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